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Search Engine Marketing

  • PPC Programs executed on Google, Bing, Yahoo & More
  • Program build-out based on 10 years experience
  • Daily optimizations ensure ongoing effectiveness improvements
  • Reach customers who are "hand raisers", actively searching for your products/services
  • SEM effectiveness metrics and ROIs that consistently exceed historical performance and benchmarks

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Online Video

  • YouTube advertising placement via skippable or forced video placement
  • Drive awareness and/or purchase intent via YouTube, the internet's largest video portal
  • Advertisers pay only when users watch a "completed engaged view" (30 seconds or the full length of video)
  • Extensive targeting capabilities ensure we reach our target market and pay only for quality engagement
  • Historical results meet or beat category benchmarks

Banner Ads & Remarketing

  • Placement of banner ads via various targeting methods including contextual, topics, selected placements and more
  • Remarketing - serving banner ads to users who have previously visited you website
  • Historical results that far surpass click-through-rate benchmarks

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Email Marketing

  • Target GMail users based on historical search, browsing & video consumption
  • Target by selecting keywords, affinity groups and more
  • Historical results surpass Google open-rate benchmarks and include on-site conversion rates in the 20-50% range

Overall Business Strategy

  • Working with Accelerate allow you access to 20+ years of experience with overall business/marketing strategy.
  • Marketing Plan recommendations that include the best strategy for your business, best mediums based on objectives, and a measurement plan to ensure effectiveness and a positive ROI for each effort.